Frequently Asked Questions

What Geographical area does Reino Linen Service cover?
Reino Linen Service provides services to customers throughout Ohio and Michigan from our two healthcare linen plants. Please check with us if you are interested in our services. Click below to see a map of our locations.
Gibsonburg, OH (Corporate Office)
Brownstown, MI

Who do I contact to discuss linen services for my healthcare facility?
Please call Judy Reino at 419-637-2151 or email at

What if I use only a small amount of linen in my practice or clinic?
Our customers have varying linen needs. No account is too big or too small.

What services does Reino Linen Service offer?
Reino Linen Service offers a full range of services that support your unique linen system needs. Please refer back to our services listing on our website or call us for questions.

If I own my linen, how do you keep it separate from the linen owned by your other customers?
Your linen is kept separate throughout the entire process from the time we pick it up at your facility to the time we return it to you.

  • Each one of your carts of soiled linen is weighed when it arrives at one of our plants.
  • Your linens are assigned a color-coded identification, which follows them throughout the process.
  • All of your linens are sorted and washed separately, according to each items temperature and chemical requirements.
  • After being washed, each load of your linen is dried, ironed and/or folded separately.
  • Your clean, dry linens are placed in plastic lined carts, which are coded with your organization's identification.
  • Each cart is weighed. This clean and dry weight is recorded and provided back to you in a report that also includes the incoming soil weight.  

What if a wallet, ring, or other item gets mixed in with the soiled linen?
We track and report all non-linen items that are mixed in with your soiled linens. We return items to you as quickly as possible, usually on the same day or within 24 hours.

How quickly can I get my linen back?
We have a 24-hour turn around for most linen.

How is my linen picked up and delivered?
Reino Linen Service picks up and delivers your linen at your specified location using Reino Linen Service vehicles.

How is my linen delivered?
Your clean linen is transported in a cleaned and sanitized Reino Linen Service vehicle.

What if I have a question or problem with my linen?
You can call Reino Linen Service at 1-800-247-3466 whenever you have any questions. You will be referred to the person who works directly with your linens.

Can I visit the plant to personally see how my linen is processed?
Yes, we encourage you to visit our plants at any time. During your visit you will see the complete process, from the time soiled linens arrive to when the clean linens are ready to be sent back. You will also see how the linens are processed to meet specific needs.

What reports does Reino Linen Service provide to its customers?
We provide our customers with three different monthly reports.

  • A Poundage Analysis Report, which tracks the amount of incoming soiled and outgoing clean linen that is processed on a daily basis
  • A Titration Report, which shows the different wash formulas used for each type of item
  • A Recovered Items Report, which tracks the number and type of foreign items that are mixed with the soiled linens


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