Customers expect and should demand quality products, cost control methods, prompt efficient delivery and above all, first-rate customer service. Reino is trusted by a variety of healthcare providers and we make it our priority to not only meet their needs but exceed customer expectations. We realize customers have a choice about who they do business with and we are proud they have chosen Reino for all of their healthcare linen needs.

Examples of Reino’s clientele:
Outpatient surgical centers
Medical offices
Dental offices
Retirement facilities
Physical therapy centers
Oncology centers

Please give us your thoughts on how we are doing:


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How would you rate the service provided by the Reino Customer Service Representative?


How would you rate the response you receive when you phone or email Reino?


How would you rate the timeliness in which your concerns are resolved?


How would you rate the "Recovered Items" report?


How would you rate the "Poundage Analysis" report?


How would you rate the consistency and quality of your linen?


How would you rate the organization of your packed linen carts?


How would you rate the timeliness of the delivery and pick-up?


How would you rate the professionalism and courtesy of the Reino driver?


How would you rate the Reino billing process?


Please provide comments about items that are not addressed above and may be of concern to you.  Thank you.


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